North European on-site IVAS course 2022

A new IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture course is being offered beginning 2022! Three of the European
IVAS affiliates: the Netherlands (SNVA) , Germany (GerVAS) and Scandinavian countries (NoVAS) are
working together to provide a new on-site course. The collaboration is done to encourage participants
from each country to share in a course which provides over 190 hours of primarily hands-on instruction
in veterinary acupuncture. The course language is English.

The course is open to licensed veterinarians and veterinary students during their last year in vet-school.
Supporting documents need to be provided together with the signed registration form.
There will be 6 on-site sessions in total: three of the sessions will be given in Zeist, Netherlands; three
sessions will be near Helsinge, Denmark. The Exam will also be in Denmark.

The course covers both small animal and equine species. Students are able to focus, or track, in either
one or the other. The basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine applies to all, whether it is small
animal, equine, human or other. The majority of the course will cover these basic concepts. As different
diseases are discussed in animal species, species specific lectures are given. Students are required to
attend all lectures in both species as there is knowledge to be gained in listening to the Chinese patterns
of disease in any species. There are hands-on laboratory sessions to show point locations, case
demonstrations in horses and small animals, and 16 hours of workshop sessions where students are
guided through making a Chinese pattern diagnosis and treating patients.

Thirty-four hours of recorded lectures are provided which introduce the fundamental concepts of
Chinese medical theory as well as some of the scientific information of how acupuncture has effect on a
body. In addition, all of the lectures describing the acupuncture point locations and functions are
recorded. These recorded lectures will be made available prior to the first on-site session and are
available at any time during the course for review and study purposes.

In this course we also provide instruction in Chi Kung, a valuable physical practice that gives benefit in
understanding the effects that acupuncture can have through the system of acupuncture channels as
well as personal benefits.

The price for the course is 4950€. A deposit of 500€ must be paid with the registration by 31 December 2021.

Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Course is limited to 30 participants.

For payment information/account details contact the course coordinators by e-mail (cf. further down on this page).

Registration covers the cost of all lectures, lunch and two breaks on lecture days, the IVAS Course
Manual, many additional articles of information, access to IVAS Moodlerooms (provides some lectures
and quizzes for self-assessment), the examination fee and one year IVAS membership. Travel and
lodging not included.

Only complete and signed registration forms with accompany documentation will be accepted. The
remaining sum of 4450€ must be paid no later than February 15, 2022. This sum can be divided into two partial payments but incurs an additional 10% administration fee. Thus two payments of 2448€ can be
made: the first part to be paid no later than February 15, 2022 and the second part no later than August
31, 2022.

Currently we are planning to start in March 2022 and end with exam in January of 2023.
Session 1: 16-19 March, Hotel Oud London, Zeist, NL
Session 2: 27-30 April, Helsinge, DK
Session 3: 8-11 June, Oud London, Zeist, NL
Session 4: 7-10 Sept, Oud London, Zeist, NL
Session 5: 12-15 October, Helsinge, DK
Session 6: 17-19 November, Helsinge, DK
Exam: January 2023, Helsinge, DK

For more information you can contact:

Dr. Linda Boggie, DVM , the Netherlands course coordinator at lboggie.bva(at)
Dr. Kim Samuelsen, Denmark, course coordinator at mr.kim600(at)
Dr. Netta Tammisalo, Finland at netta.novas(at)
Dr. Katja Görts, Germany at info(at)