NoVAS News Autumn 2017

Hello all, November 2017

November already…some of us took part in the “new” Nordic tradition, Halloween, recently with kids and grandkids – carving pumpkins and overeating on sweets?!

Even if you don’t’ “do” Halloween, you might want to include the main Halloween-ingredient in your dog’s diet after next year’s Annual meeting! Subject for the 2018-meeting is FOOD – and feeding. Linda Boggie will lecture on Chinese food therapy for dogs and cats; digestive issues – TCVM vs Western diagnosis; Anna Hielm-Björkman will present results from her research on Raw food-feeding for dogs and we will have a food-oriented work-shop including western herbs well suited for digestive issues. So – find your calendars and hold the dates 16 – 18 March, 2018 – we hope to see lots and lots of you at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Gothenburg!!!!

Details for the agenda will be ready and sent to you well in advance of Annual meeting.

Best wishes from

Astri and the whole NoVAS board



This year’s BIG happening has no doubt been the IVAS International Congress in Cairns, Australia, August 23rd – 26th 2017. Those of us lucky to go there had a fantastic time Down Under.

 20170825_145955 Many of us took time to see a bit more of this huge and fascinating continent once we’d travelled so far – spending a couple of days in Sydney admiring of course the famous Opera house drawn by Danish architect Jørn Utson, was one of several highlights on this trip  20170821_200513

In the first photo we see Netta Tammissalo thanking Birgitte Langvad for her excellent lectures “Acupuncture, herbal medicine and rehabilitation works perfectly well together in neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disease”.


Next; Birgitte introduces Barbara Fougère – lecturing on moxibustion; “Where acupuncture meets herbs” .


  And here we see a picture from the Tui-na work-shop with Michelle Schraeder.


  And here we see a picture from the Tui-na work-shop with Michelle Schraeder. All in all we had 3 days with inspiring and interesting lectures covering various subject on dogs, cats and horses supplying us with new “tools” and ideas to include in our clinics. You will find all proceedings on IVAS homepage. And – of course – in addition we had social gatherings with wonderful colleagues from all over the world.

Main congress co-ordinator in IVAS, Debbie Prevratil, had also done a great job in organizing trips for us to Kuranda Village, Great Barrier Reef and to the Daintree rainforest; we hugged koalas, saw cangaroos, snorkelled/dived on the Reef, and were generally awed and impressed with the beauty and diversity of Australian East Coast.


On our outings we were lucky enough to see plenty of wildlife – here represented by an impressive crocodile on the river bank and a cassowary (reputedly the most dangerous bird in the world…but this one kept his calm surrounded by us tourists ).

 20170830_182706 Maybe the most famous landmark in Australia – Uluru – formerly known as Ayers Rock – go – see – experience is all I can say…

Thank you to IVAS and also AVAG – Australian veterinary acupuncture group – for making the 2017 congress a HUGE success both professionally and socially!



BOARD MEETING – The NoVAS board met at Astri’s place in September for a board-meeting to sum up this year’s activities and to plan for next year – most important: PLANNING for our next Annual meeting! As you now know – we believe you will all be happy with the subjects and the lecturers.


Three nice ladies on the bridge – Diana, Netta and Venla impersonating Edvard Munch’s painting “Pikene på broen”


Kim Samuelsen arranged a course in Equine Respiratory Diseases in TCVM, at his place in Ejdrup, Denmark, in October 21st – 22nd 2017. The week end was a great success with a mix of lectures and practical demos with patients. Katja did a great job, was super organized. (And Kim comments that he now believes he understands how to interpret symptoms in order to come up with a proper TCM diagnosis on LU conditions).

Resp Course 2017

Photo from the left:
Lise Kousgaard, Lars Kristiansson, Katja Görts, Eva-Kristin Lunde, Kim, Anders Kragh, Stine Andreassen, Helle Johanssen


Rikke Schultz and Cecilie Stadler, PT, are responsible a new series of courses with Patricia Kortekaas from Oregon. The course is open for veterinarians and human PTs and the first of 6 modules, Introduction to Animal Osteopathy®class took place in Roskilde in June. Contact the course arrangers if you want to know more about this!!!

Cecilie Stadler: mobil +4540459198 or Rikke Schultz: mobil +4524400015


See the following congress link on interesting human acupuncture congresses, put in the adresses as your favourites and you can go in and see their programs:

In English:

See also:



      • Register yourself for a congress or meeting in time
      • Send in info any change (name, email, address, telephone) for us to be able to have an updated memberlist – at all times! to Venla Kärki – our secretary
      • Send in questions, ideas or info on upcoming events to one of us on the board
      • Keep checking the NoVAS’ homepage for news (If you are here reading this, well done! 😉 )


NEXT NEWS LETTER will be out early 2018 with more information about the upcoming Annual meeting! We on the board wish you all a lovely and “hyggelig” November – and even if a bit early; have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! 

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