Sunny spring days in Copenhagen – Annual Meeting 2023

NoVAS held it’s Annual Meeting a couple of days ago in Copenhagen which greeted the participants with the most awesome sunny weather on both Friday and Saturday. Dr. Colleen Smith held an interesting mixture of lectures for us. She was available for all sorts of questions all through the weekend and we are very grateful that Colleen made the long trip to Denmark for us. We were even joined by 3 students from the Veterinary University of Copenhagen. Lecture breaks were preferrably spent outside in the park next to the course venue.

Two of our NoVAS members did a splendid job with helping the board to organize this year’s meeting in Copenhagen. A huge thanks to them! Catering was amazing this year, healthy and most tasty. We enjoyed one of our dinners at the canteen at vet school which was a true trip down memory lane for some of our members. The dinner on Saturday was supervised by Denmark’s favourite bird – the swan in the building of the anatomical institute.

As per usual it was very nice to reconnect for the NoVAS Annual Meeting. The board continues in the same constellation for the next year. Suggestions for topics for upcoming Annual Meetings and involvement from members are most welcome. The board has been discussing to have the focus on equine patients next year. Hope to see many members there!

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