NoVAS Annual Meeting 2022, March 11-13 in Denmark with Course on Myofascial Kinetic Lines in the Dog

It is a pleasure of the board to invite our members to the annual meeting and a course on MYOFASCIAL KINETIC LINES IN THE DOG.

Three Danish vets have discovered and mapped the myofascial kinetic lines of the dog (and horse) and they have agreed to give a course on the topic at our annual meeting. The vets are: Rikke M Schultz, Vibeke S Elbrønd and Tove Due. The course gives an understanding of the function of the lines, how to diagnose blocking of the lines and how to treat (unblock) the lines. The only tools you need are your hands and acupuncture needles!

In most cases of restricted movements, contracted fascia and/or stiffness is involved. With this tool you are able to diagnose and treat tensions that are disturbing your lameness diagnosis and complimentary treatment’s efficiency. In many cases disturbed movements are likely to be corrected by use of this tool. The purpose of this course is to connect holistic and ordinary gate analysis in the dog.


Friday 11.

13.00 – 17.00: Theory

17.00 – 18.00: NoVAS annual membership meeting, separate agenda.

19.00: Dinner on NoVAS, off location

Saturday 12.

8.30 – 17.00: Theory and HANDS ON live dogs, incl. lunch and breaks

18.30: Dinner on your own (together) and more fun off location

Sunday 13.

8.30 – 13.00: Theory and HANDS ON live dogs

13.00: sandwich or something else to travel home on


Kim’s Clinic (Ejdrup Akupunktur) at Ejdrupvej 43, DK-9240 Nibe, 45 minutes from Aalborg Airport.

Price: 6.300DKK/ 850€ – for bank account information check the invitation in your e-mail inbox sent out at the end of January =)

Accommodation and transportation not included.

Payment and email sign up to Kim no later than February 28.

Refund of payment is possible if someone on a waiting list can take your seat.

Unfortunately, the course has a limit of 20 participants, so sign up quickly (at: ) and then pay as soon as Kim has confirmed your seat at the course.

If you have dietary restrictions, please let Kim know.

Transportation from and to airport may possibly be arranged/ coordinated. Let us know if you need transportation.


Koppes Mølle B&B: 4km from venue, about 4-5 double rooms. Kim may coordinate if you want to share room. If all rooms are booked, please call Karen (landlady) on the phone: she has another 3 beds available. Around 10 beds in total.

Aars Hotel: 11 km from venue (search: )

Nibe Camping Rooms and Cottages: 13km from venue (search: )

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