Finally a real life NoVAS meeting again – Annual Meeting and Myofascial Kinetic Lines in Ejdrup, Danmark 2022

Last weekend NoVAS held it’s Annual Meeting in Ejdrup in Danmark. Our treasurer Kim hosted the meeting and course this time in a cosy room in his clinic. He and his wife really outdid themselves as our hosts. They had even ordered the most splendid spring weather.

Our fabulous, generous, approachable and knowledgable teachers for the weekend Rikke M. Schultz, Vibeke S. Elbrønd and Tove Due really brought the topic to life and made it easy for us to apply the new skills already on Sunday.

We also enjoyed a get-together over dinner on Friday night at Kim’s place and a nice hotel dinner on Saturday night. Sorry, folks, no dancing this time 😉 Oh, and beautiful Ejdrup also gave ample opportunity to stretch one’s legs for the so-inclined to enjoy the fresh spring air and re-oxygenate our brains.

Not surprisingly, we had mostly Danish participants this time. Thanks to everybody for coming!!! It was great to see both known and new faces, to connect and reconnect on a personal level after three years since the last real life NoVAS Annual Meeting. The board has been discussing to host this course in Finland as well, given that there will be enough interested participants. For those of you who can’t wait, check out to see all the courses Tove, Vibeke and Rikke have to offer. Stay also tuned for the book on Myofascial Kinetic Lines in the dog. The one on horses is already out.

Thanks to everybody for coming!!! This was such a great experience. Looking forward already to the next Annual Meeting!

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